Mission Statement and Strategic Objectives

Mission Statement
The Mission of the United States Committee on Irrigation and Drainage is to promote progressive and sustainable irrigation, drainage and flood control practices in support of food and fiber production and public safety, recognizing that sustainability embodies economic, social and environmental goals.
Strategic Objectives

In fulfillment of our Mission, we will seek to:

  • Maintain an active ICID national committee with a diverse membership
  • Encourage participation in international forums of ICID to promote worldwide information exchange
  • Remain abreast of changing public needs and values concerning land and water resource allocation and use
  • Identify and crystallize pertinent issues confronting sustainable irrigated agriculture
  • Host national and international conferences and study tours for presentation and discussion of technical, management and policy issues
  • Publishes proceedings, reports, bulletins and newsletters to facilitate information exchange
  • Stimulate the appropriate application of engineering, agriculture, economic, environmental, legal and social science technology to improve irrigation, drainage and flood control practice
  • Develop and maintain strong communication links within the industry and with stakeholders and the public