Individual Memberships

Individual -- Individuals with an interest in or responsibility for work in irrigation, drainage or flood control are eligible to join. Professionals involved in engineering, environmental sciences, social sciences, economics, water law, soil science and related disciplines are invited to join and participate in USCID activities. Annual dues are $100.

Life -- Individuals paying a one-time fee of $1700, are eligible to join as Life Members.

Young Professional -- Individuals who are age 35 years or younger, are eligible for Young Professional Membership. Annual dues are $50.

Senior -- Individuals who are age 65 years older, have been USCID Members for 10 years, and who are fully retired from professional work are eligible for Senior Membership. Annual dues are $60.

Student -- Individuals enrolled full time in a U.S. college or university program related to irrigation, drainage or flood control are eligible for Student Membership. Annual dues are $20. The first year of Student Membership is free.

Organizational Memberships

Categories of Organizational Membership include:

Institutional -- annual dues $350
Water District -- annual dues $350
Corporate -- annual dues $700
Sustaining -- annual dues $2,900

All four Organizational Member categories receive the USCID Newsletter. And, the name of the organizational member is listed on a page linked from the USCID home page. Included is a link from the USCID page to the Member's page.

Institutional, Water District, Corporate and Sustaining Members may designate four individuals who can hold full Individual Member status without additional charge, two of which must qualify for Young Professional Membership (age 35 or younger)..

Four Water District employees are entitled to the reduced USCID Member registration fee at all USCID meetings.

Corporate Membership also includes a free professional card in the USCID Newsletter and the USCID Membership Directory or a discount of 20 percent on display ads in the Newsletter and Directory, as well as a 20 percent discount on exhibit spaces during USCID meetings and conferences.

Sustaining Membership also includes a free exhibit space for each USCID conference, including one registration and program recognition, plus one additional free registration at each USCID Conference.

To join USCID, please complete the online membership applications for Individual, Young Professional or Student Membership here or for Water District, Institutional, Corporate Membership or Sustaining here.

You may contact the USCID Denver Office for additional information:

2490 West 26th Avenue, #100A
Denver, CO 80211
Telephone: 303-988-0925, e-mail:

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