Message from the President

Dear Colleague,

The United States Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (USCID) is a multi-disciplinary professional society that brings together professions with interest in irrigation and drainage in the United States and abroad. Irrigation district operating personnel and managers are a core USCID membership group. Other core membership groups include practicing professionals in engineering, agriculture, law, and the social and economic sciences. Members range from undergraduate students to government agency heads, consulting firm partners, and senior academics and include organizations such as irrigation districts, water agencies, cities, corporations and educational institutions.

Recognizing that 55 percent of world food production comes from areas with irrigation and drainage systems, this diverse group of professions has come together to foster sustainable, socially acceptable, and environmentally responsible irrigation, drainage and flood control systems, and practices for providing food, clothing and shelter to the people of the United States and the world. USCID achieves this mission by serving as a key focal point for interaction among its members (and other water professionals) on cutting-edge water-related issues affecting the United States and the world.

This interaction is achieved primarily through conferences, typically occurring in the spring and fall. These conferences provide members and other interested citizens and professionals an opportunity to showcase innovations and accomplishments and share challenges. Formal training opportunities, field trips and multiple opportunities for comprehensive information exchange across diverse subject areas and organizations are provided at each conference. Additionally, every two years, USCID organizes a major international conference bringing together more than 200 irrigation professionals from across the United States and the world for three days of paper presentations, discussions, informal interactions and study tours.

Other ways USCID strives to support its members include publishing a timely and informative newsletter, distributing the international journal Irrigation and Drainage, and providing links with water professionals in more than 70 other countries through the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, of which USCID is a part. An important international activity available to USCID members is the ICID Congress which assembles more than 600 irrigation professionals from around the world every three years for a week of meetings, paper presentations, symposia, informal interactions, and study tours.

To broaden and expand its membership, USCID has recently established a program for students to attend technical sessions at conferences for a reduced registration. Through timely, interesting and informative conferences and publications, we aim to be the pre-eminent source of practical, cutting edge information on irrigation, drainage and flood control for US professionals. As President of USCID, I invite you to join us in meeting these exciting challenges.

Brian Wahlin
USCID President